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Queensland Gets Its First Pyrolysis Plant Approved

GreenTec Consulting (formally Iolar) has been working with a Queensland Client to obtain approval for a pyrolysis plant for the thermal treatment of tyres and plastics. The pyrolysis plant is the first of its kind in Queensland and will be used to thermally treat tyres and PE plastics to produce products that can be reused or recycled in numerous ways, including steel, oil and carbon black. GreenTec's consultants prepared supporting technical information for the planning and ERA submission, participated in negotiations with the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection and project managed specialist reports required to get this new technology ERA and Development approvals. This is a massive achievement because no pyrolysis plant had been approved under the current ERA 61 and due to the lack of reliable and available data relating to the process. This project demonstrates GreenTec's commitment to providing practical, sustainable and innovative waste management and resource recovery solutions. Stay tuned for more information once the plant is commissioned. Do you have a innovative project that you need assistance with, contact us at

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